Getting started guide


A simple way to store and update your website's text


Update your text in seconds. Just click and type.


As you type, the layout instantly updates for all users.

Simple API

A single URL. Seriously.

Or check out the getting started guide to see Malla in action.

Sounds great, but what exactly is it?

Malla is a centralized place to store the text in your website or app, so that it isn't buried in code. It gives the control back to those who write the copy and takes the burden off of developers.

So... it's a CMS?

Close. Malla is designed to make it easy to store any text from your website or mobile app: headings, intros, buttons, disclaimers... you get the idea. And since it doesn't focus on articles and pages and pictures like a CMS does, it's much simpler, and much faster than a typical CMS. Check out the video above to see how easy it is.

How do I get started?

An excellent question! Just sign up. It's free and you'll be up and running in seconds.